Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Price My Space - The Kitchen

The Nester is hosting another lovely Price My Space party, and I couldn't resist joining in with one of my favorite rooms in our house - the kitchen. In most of the roost, I've tried to balance a crisp cottage look with some vintage and beachy touches, but in the kitchen I let my love of red explode and went full on retro.
I wish I had some "before" pictures of our kitchen. Picture dark orange cabinets, 70's wallpaper, and blue carpet.

The first thing we did is add extra cabinets over the stove. We found this section in the closet organization section of Lowes. I think it was about $50. I arranged some of my Fiestaware and vintage kitchen goodies along the top. I received everything as gifts except for the glass bottle - I found that at Class and Trash for $2.00

The red dish towels and red Martha Stewart teapot were Christmas gifts from my mom.

We replaced the existing cabinets with Ikea Stat cabinets. I honestly don't remember exactly how much everything turned out to be, because as renters we helped my dad with the labor, but didn't pay the bill. I do know that they are very, very reasonable. The rounded edged end cabinet was $74.00 and is one of my favorite parts of the whole kitchen. Four Ikea Branas baskets hold all my dish towels and aprons and were a good deal at $5.99 each. The rug in front of the sink is one of my favorite yearly deals. Every year I treat myself to a new rug during Target's half price day after Christmas sale. This one was only $2.00 and the red, cream, and brown color scheme is perfect in my kitchen! The laminate flooring is Ikea Tundra Antique and was only $1.15 a square foot. It has held up really, really well and I love it.

My mom made the campy valances for me. I think they add a little light hearted fun.

Everything pictured was a wedding present or hand-me-down.

Brad's Maw-Maw gave us the Kitchen Aid when we got married. I love it very, very much!

A better look at the base cabinets. The pull out drawers are awesome! These cabinets were the perfect choice for the roost, but I'm torn about putting them in our forever house. They've held up pretty well, but I think I'd prefer to put in real wood when we build.

I found this adorable red folding table at Class and Trash for $4.00. The red wasp catcher is from Target and was around $3.oo on sale. The blue tin pail only set me back .50 cents at a yard sale and the little lobster hanging from the handle was $4.00 at a local decor store called Cottage Lane.

I usually move these folding chairs out of pictures, but in all honesty, this is where they live. We need them for extra seating if more than four people need to squeeze around the table. They were $14.99 each at Ikea. The small cabinet was a hand-me-down from Brad's parents that I painted white. I received the white Pottery Barn pitcher as a wedding gift from my co-workers. I made the tea bag wrapper pop art.

This is an older picture, but the sun was more forgiving that day!

I snapped this one today. The framed flour sack art consists of a .50 cent paper flour sack from class and trash, a sheet of red poster board from the Dollar Tree and a 5 buck frame from Ikea. Brad's brother gave us the wine cabinet as a wedding present. We picked up the vintage metal kitchen hutch at Class and Trash for $100.00. The milk glass pieces on top were all picked up by my mom at yard sales.

Our kitchen table was around $20.00 at Goodwill and received a white paint job over spring break.

This is the tablecloth I found when we cleaned out my Great Uncle's house. I used little condiment bowls ($2.50 half price after Christmas at Target) and some votives I had hanging around to create a centerpiece.

This is the view as you leave the kitchen. The door leads to our bedroom.

The repro Kitty-Kat clock was a first anniversary present from my parents. I think it adds just the right amount of kitsch.

This lobster print was from a calender. I used a $5.00 record album frame from Michael's to class it up a bit.
I hope y'all enjoyed my kitchen tour! Head on over to the Nester's to see all the other inspiring Price My Space posts!



Shelley said...

I love spying on other people's houses and I gotta say, I would like to eat my bowel of cereal in your kitchen! It is so cute.

Isabella & Max Rooms said...

The red cat clock!! Perfect...what a delightfully cheerful kitchen, I bet it is a great space to hang out in. And hey, I had that same cat clock when I was a girl, in Black! I had completely forgotten about it until just now when I saw yours! Thanks for sharing! Janell

Tim and Tracy said...

Your red kitchen is oh so cheery! And I envy you those pull out base cabinets (in a good way, not in a mean envy way...) :D

Kate Starr said...

The ric rac on your curtains is adorable and the kitty clock... perfect touch! This is really cute!

Beachbrights said...



arkie said...

Cute kitchen! Love the tablecloth!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I love your red kitchen! I think it's adorable, and you can tell you've put a lot of work into it. :) The curtains are my favorite, I think. :) Visiting from The Nester's party. :)

Dawn said...

What a very cute kitchen. It would have made a great REDnesday post!

Britt said...

This is so cute! I love the cabinets and all the red accents! Great job!

Maggie said...

Love all your red accents, looks wonderful.... I've got the same teapot! Christmas gift from my brother in law.

I'm such a fan of fiesta ware as well.

Paula said...

This is precious! I love red and bargains and you've done so well with everything!

Christen said...

So cute! You make me want to redo my kitchen in white and red!