Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fall's gotta brand new bag!

I've been wanting a new purse for fall, so this weekend I finally made one. As you may or may not know, every single purse I've carried since the age of 15 had been made by me out of duct tape. I like to get an idea of color and shape trends for each season, then I kind of reinterpret those in a funky duct tape way.

A little trip over to informed me that the color trends for fall (who, exactly, gets to decide this anyway?) are teal, papaya, and amethyst. As I had teal duct tape on hand, but not purple or orange, the color decision pretty much solved itself.

I spotted this beauty while scoping out the site for the newest bag designs. Creating a shape this elaborate is beyond my duct taping skills, but I thought I could reinterpret the handle and buckle design.
Since I am a lazy crafter, I decided to re-do my summer purse, rather than starting from scratch. So, this the before:

First, I removed the ribbon, cut off the old tab closures, and cut off the top yellow strip with the rivets and straps. Next, I covered the entire thing in teal duct tape. I added some extra height to the top edge in order to create a look more like my inspiration bag. I also added a faux buckle to the front.

I'm pretty happy with the end results. The bag is really teal in person. For some reason it comes out more blue in pictures.

Yay, for a new fall look!

Did y'all do anything crafty or creative over the weekend?



Ashley said...

If you were to tell me you made a bag out of duct tape, I never would have thought it would look that good! That is amazing!

Tracy's mom said...

You would certainly get my vote for "Duct Tape Queen"! What an awesome purse. Thank you for sharing.

Tim and Tracy said...

lookin' good, lookin' good! i really dig this new shape. great work!