Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Walk This Way

I took a little jaunt to the mailbox yesterday (I say "jaunt" because it's a 1/4 mile walk from our front door to the mailbox) and thought I should document the August green. Sometimes I get so caught up decorating my roost, that I forget to notice and appreciate the gorgeous decorating God has going on outside. I really am blessed to live in a beautiful place!

Obligatory artsy tree shot, just a few steps outside the door.

The barn. There's a pond just over the top of that hill.

It used to creep out my friends when they learned we have an old cemetery on our property. I've always found it oddly peaceful.

It's too late for most wildflowers, but the fields held plenty of these exotic beauties. We call them passion flowers, but they probably have another name.

One of my favorite views. I just love all the cedars along the driveway.

Almost halfway there!

I told you I love the cedars.

Whew! Made it!

So there was no mail, but it was a pretty walk anyway.
What do you guys see on your way to the mailbox? When I lived in College Park for grad school, our mailbox was a little box attached to our house. I thought it was the coolest thing that the mailman actually walked up to each house to deliver the mail. What can I say? This country girl is easily impressed!




TRICIA @boutellefamilyzoo said...

What an amazing view. You have a lovely property. I love the photo of the posts when you arrived at the mailbox. Really beautiful.

P.S. I'm having a give a way if you feel so inclined to stop by. ;)

Tim and Tracy said...

Beautiful... and the only driveway that I've ever gotten lost in. :) I see really pretty little purple flowers all around my mailbox- not sure what they're called, but they'll be in an upcoming post.

Tracy's mom said...

Wow - I guess we really shouldn't argue about who's going to get the mail anymore. :) What a lovely view, it looks so peaceful. Thanks for sharing it - how about a picture of the outside of the roost?

Hattie said...

Well, there is one picture of the roost from a snow day we had in March:
The exterior has some major problems, so I kind of avoid taking pictures. Whenever I look too closely at the siding, it makes me save even harder for our dream home!

Christen said...

I love posts like this! It's so wonderful to slow down and enjoy the little miracles around us everyday. Beautiful land!

My mail is delivered to my door, so there's not much scenery with that. I do love to walk around the neighborhood because the canopy of branches over the street is so pretty. Guess I'll have to take my own "obligatory artsy tree shot" soon! :)