Saturday, February 18, 2012

Dream House Update: January

Lots and lots of house stuff happening!

We're cooking with gas thanks to our newly buried propane tank.

We have a deck. A big, beautiful, deck. Is is grilling weather yet?

Don't be jealous of my amazing red clay splotches!

The front porch has planks (and red clay) and caps for the stone portion of the columns.

We have window trim and crown molding.

The Hardie plank turned out to have some issues. Yes, those planks are missing paint. Thankfully, Hardie is repainting the entire house for us and giving the new paint job a 15 year warranty.

We got our DIY on and installed our Ikea kitchen with major help from my dad, my brother, Brad's dad, Tracy, Tim, and Carolyn. Plus - my mom provided a yummy lunch for all of us.

Double plus - we had thunder snow during the instillation.

Carolyn made the dream house's first official snow man.

Painting, tile, doors, and counter tops are all happening soon, so watch for those photos in the next update!