Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Making plans

Woo-hoo! Our contractor is meeting with an architect this week to draw up official blueprints for the dream house. Handing the finished plans over to the bank is our next step in the process of being approved for a construction to mortgage loan. I thought y'all might like to see the unofficial house plans my dad made for us.

Remember, this is the vibe the outside of the house will have:

The house will have a two car drive under garage with access to two man cave rooms. Brad plans to use one room as a media room and the other as a game/workout room.

First Floor

A few changes will be made here. A deck will come off of the kitchen door and give use a second exit and some nice entertaining space. The fireplace in the family room is going to to become a corner fireplace on the left, rather than stay centered on the wall. The 11X14 room on the front of the house will be our library, and the room on the back of the house will serve double duty as a craftroom/guest room. I'm thinking of building a Murphy bed! Brad and I (with family help!) will be making the kitchen island and installing all the cabinetry ourselves.

Second floor

I am in love with the master closet! Also, the huge walk-in shower with built-in bench. All the shaded areas will be storage, which makes up for not having an attic.

Questions? Thoughts? Please ask away!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine's Candy for You

Happy Valentine's Day to you, my lovely readers! If I knew you in real life, I'd give you all flowers and candy. Since that isn't possible, I thought I'd share some eye candy with you instead. Here are a few things for home that I'm loving right now:

1. flowers

When beautiful buckets of tulips begin appearing in Trader Joe's, I know spring isn't too far off. For me, tulips are the flowers that announce winter won't last forever!

2. six-over-one windows

These are one of my favorite craftsman details. We definitely plan to install some of these beauties in the dream house.

3. Dash and Albert rugs

I don't know why I'm loving striped rugs so much, but something about them really appeals to me. I feel like this room is so warm and sunny, and I think the rug has a lot to do with it.

4. apronfront sinks

Ah, sink bliss! Not much else to say other than this is my idea of the perfect sink.

5. real art

I just discovered the RozArt Etsy shop, and I  love her cheerful paintings. The cows are especially friendly!

6. decorating with books

The librarian and the decor addict in me are both pleased with piles of lovely books. To add a little humor to Valentine's Day - guess how much Pottery Barn is charging for a stack of four old books with the covers removed? $39.00 Yes, you read that correctly. It would seem that there are people in this world who have not discovered that you can buy old books at Goodwill for a buck or less. Oh, silly Pottery Barn!

What things for home are you loving right now? We all love some good decor eye candy!

Happy heart day!


Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in.
~ Robert Frost

"Home," by my favorite band, Carbon Leaf, has been in my head today. Maybe because it been a cold, grey day and I couldn't wait to get home to a warm, cozy house.

Maybe, because the dream home seems so close and yet so far away. We are busy gathering every bit of info about ourselves, with the exception our blood types, to give to the bank in hopes that we will be preapproved for a mortgage and can start the construction loan process.

Maybe, because I've been thinking about what home means to me, and how it is such a refuge when the world gets to be crazy.

Tonight, I know I am happy to be home with my hubby, eating big bowls of spaghetti in our snug little roost.

Do any songs remind you of home?


Monday, February 7, 2011

A hint of spring-ness

 My trusty fall purse took me nicely from September through Christmas, but...

... I've been hankering for something a bit more spring-like. Now, it's been known to snow around here in February and even March, so I didn't want to jinx any early warm weather with something too flowery. I put on my trusty duct tape thinking cap and a decided a pretty blue and green number would be just right for the transition from never ending winter to lovely spring.

To make this fun little bag, I started with a reusable shopping bag (free from a library conference) with the straps cut off. I cover the outside of the bag with long strips of blue duct tape, leaving a little strip of the bag uncovered.

Next, I measured my ribbon for the handles. I wanted to make them double sided to add strength, so I cut equal lengths, pinned the right sides together, and sewed along both edges.

I used a super cool turner outer thing (that's a technical term) that made turning these babies inside out a breeze.

To attach the straps, I punched holes in the top of the bag and added grommets. Then it was as simple as sewing the straps.

For a simple embellishment, I ruffled another piece of ribbon, threaded it through a vintage belt buckle, and sewed it to the strip of bag I left uncovered.

This cute spring bag was that easy!

What's your favorite thing to make to brighten up dreary winter days?

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