Tuesday, August 25, 2009

This little piggy wore pink

I wanted to let you guys in on a pretty sweet giveaway going on at A Soft Place to Land. Most of y'all have probably already heard about this, but in case you don't make a habit of visiting Kimba's awesome blog, I wanted to let you know that if you stop by and comment before Friday, you can enter to win $50 to spend at a cute shop called the Pink Pig.

Here's a little peak at some of the things from this shop that I heart the most.

This would be perfect for my trips to Trader Joe's! Or, ya know, the beach!

If I win the 50 smackers, I'm going to have a tough time deciding between this gorgeous birdy shirt and this gorgeous birdy cake stand.

Maybe my bird infatuation is getting a tad out of control?
While I'm on the subject of giveaways, I noticed I'm getting pretty close to my 100th post. I'm thinking about doing a little giveaway of my own, but since my first (and only) attempt resulted in one entry ( love you Tracy!) I'm a little hesitant. What do ya say, If I did a giveaway to mark 100 would y'all be interested?



Tim and Tracy said...

Thumbs up... obviously.

~~Carol~~ said...

Yes, do a giveaway! I rarely comment, but I am out here, reading every post, and I'm a follower. I bet you have alot of readers, more than you know, who just lurk. Give it a whirl! And your blog is great!

Lara said...

Hattie, I do like your blog! I've been married a few months, used to teach 6th grade, and love decorating...so I feel a kinship with you.

Katarzyna Janus said...

Hi! Where I can buy it?! It`s so sweet!