Sunday, August 23, 2009

What I did on my summer vacation.

Way back in May, I made a list of goals for my summer vacation. Although my students still have two more weeks before school starts, Librarians head back to work today. So, it's time for me to take a look see back at the list and see how I did!
1. Do something about the bathroom - (Grade: A+ ) Our tiny little bathroom is looking so much better with a new sink skirt, freshly painted light fixtures, white bead board wainscoting, and a mirror re-do. I'll post pictures this week of the new look!

2. Put my feet in the ocean - (Fail) We did make it to Chesapeake for a lovely weekend with our friends Tracy and Tim, but the weather was not ocean worthy. However, my favorite part of the beach is just walking along the shore, so this one could still happen in the fall.

3. Paint stuff - ( Grade: A) Let's see, I now have a green bench, a black tray, two blue trays, a white cabinet, a white trunk, and brushed nickle light fixtures. Not too shabby! I didn't get around to the two bookshelves, but that might be a project for spring break.

4. Do very Richmond-y things, especially free and cheap Richmond-y things - Summer calls for picnics at Maymont (Fail), window shopping in Cary Town (A), movies at the Byrd (A+ we saw 3), and at least one outdoor concert (Fail). I also want to try some new things like the ghost walk, check out the addition at the VA Museum, and finally use my free teacher membership at the Science Museum (Fail on all three) Extra credit: We had shakes at Galaxy Diner and went to the Watermelon Festival.

5. Blog more regularly (A+) and start a book (Fail) - I think I did so well on the blogging that I'm not too sad about the lack of any progress whatsoever on a book.

6. Generally make good use of the time and money - this includes not sleeping half the day (A-), actually accomplishing something each day (A), volunteering (Vacation Bible School here we come) (A), saving money (A+ we are now debt free!), getting more in shape/less pear-like/able to use more than the ten pound resistance band/actually use the resistance bands/not leave resistance bands in sloppy pile behind the bedroom door, and not spending money on exercise equipment that will end up in a sloppy pile behind the bedroom door (Fail) - Not too bad overall. Brad and I ate out and went to the mall way less than last summer. In fact, I don't think I bought a single clothing item, except for a few things at Goodwill and a sweater (bought with a gift card) from h&m. I feel like I got a ton of projects done around the house, read more than half of the book review books I took home, tried some new recipes, and spent time with family and friends. I didn't pick up any exercise equipment for most of the summer, but my pants still fit and I ate plenty of fresh fruit and veggies, so I'm OK with that.
Overall, I feel like I was blessed with one of the best summers I've had in a long time!


P.S. Thanks for your support about our ant problem. A little raid and some traps seems to have sent them packing! We had a very nice cook in (we got around 3 inches of rain on Saturday!) with some college friends.


Tim and Tracy said...

Yay, that sounds like a very successful summer! I'm impressed. Best of luck with being back at school- I hope the transition is an easy one. :)

Christen said...

This teacher gives your summer report card post an A+! :)