Monday, August 3, 2009

Suits me fine

Remember the vintage leather suitcase I picked during my Saturday thrifting?

There's a good reason I was so excited to finally find this little guy.
My side of the bed looks like this:

And Brad's side of the bed used to look like this:
I know. In his defense, I have both a night stand and a dresser to hold all my stuff and he only has this dresser. I've been plotting for awhile to do away with this mess, and I thought a vintage suitcase might be the perfect solution. I have a train case on my dresser that works perfectly for corralling all my cosmetics and jewelry, so when I saw that leather briefcase on Saturday, I knew it could provide storage for Brad and keep our bedroom looking more cohesive.
After a little rearranging, this is what Brad's side of the bed looks like now:
Way better! The bamboo Ikea box that used to hold some notebooks and magazines, now keeps his contact solution, remotes, and glasses handy. A small white saucer serves as a landing place for change, contacts case, and keys.
The suitcase keeps everything from whiteout to books handy, but out of sight.
I really like how streamlined everything is, but I have nagging feeling that the overall look is still not quite right. I know that the lamp is really not in the best place balance-wise, but Brad needs to be able to reach it from the bed. Any suggestions for tweaking things would be greatly appreciated!
For fun, I placed my new glass bowl on the suitcase to see if the extra height would balance things.

I think maybe it helps, but it's not right for the space. Of course, if I'd bought that small blue fan at the Flea Market in PA, or the vintage globe I passed up on Saturday... Oh, well!
Let me know what y'all think, and I'm serious about wanting your suggestions!

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Tim and Tracy said...

You're right- this streamlined look is much nicer, but I'm having a hard time coming up with a look that is both balanced and practical. (Hence why I've waited so long to comment). What if you moved the little IKEA basket closer to the bed vertically instead of horizontally? Then the lamp could be moved forward a bit and your frames could both be placed around the front of the lamp. Does Brad have long enough arms to reach the lamp that way? :) And if it needs a little height visually, why not try the old standby of propping it up on some pretty (and sturdy) books.

And I'd probably steer clear of putting anything on the top of the suitcase just because it will most likely drive him nuts having to move something off of it every time he needs something in the suitcase.

It's a tricky little layout, but no matter how you decide to arrange it, you know that the "after" definitely looks better than the "before". Nice work!