Sunday, August 16, 2009

mirror, mirror

If you all followed the link from my last post over to my friend Tracy's blog, then you know about our fun sanding adventure. While we were visiting, Tracy and I also took on a little spray paint makeover. Tracy used her awesome imovie skills to make another semi-embarrassing movie documenting the whole process. I don't think the DIY Network is going to come knocking on our doors, but this is real life y'all, and we had a blast!

If you've been on the fence about painting something, I hope this will encourage you that it really is super easy to take something from eh, to amazing. If you're intrigued by the glimpses of Tracy's living room, I hope you'll hop over to her blog and check out the total makeover. I love this room super duper much with a cherry on top!


P.S. posting our sloppy ponytailed, college t-shirt and gym short wearing selves on the web is probably the silliest thing we've ever done for the sake of home decor. Do y'all have any great silly best friend moments?


Tim and Tracy said...

oh, but i think you look so precious! which is clearly why i tried to stay behind the camera and mostly do the filming of you. :) i'm so glad you helped me with this project- having some of your know-how was very helpful!!

Ashley said...

I love the video! I'm a friend and colleague of Tracy's (I teach kindergarten at the same school) and stalked my way here tonight. What a great blog! I love your style and will be popping in often.

Katie @ said...

What a fun clip! I'm so eager to paint a few items we didn't have time for in our home in Germany. Oh my gosh - you've got me dying to get back there! Funny moments + home decor/remodeling = the best!