Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fresh Fashion Friday

Hey y'all! Today marks a first for me, I'm venturing into the world of fashion. Long before I had a home to work on and decorate, I spent hours making jewelry and accessories, fashioning purses from duct tape, and pouring over magazines. I still love putting outfits together, but I haven't spent much time on it lately. With school back in gear, I don't want thinking of what to wear each day to turn into the chore it felt like last year. In an effort to spice things up and get that creativity in gear, I'm starting a Fresh Fashion Friday feature. The goal is to create one unique outfit each week and feature it on Friday. That way, I'll have to come up with 52 different outfits to keep this going for a year.

Here's what I wore Wednesday:

From head to toe:
- white tank top from h&m (I wear these under almost everything!)
- navy cap sleeve Henley tee from Old Navy
- brown and navy safari skirt from Dots (I removed the sash from the skirt and wrapped it twice around my waist to belt my tee)
- brown satin ballet flats from Payless
Note: I think a chunky brown necklace would look great with this outfit, but I don't have one and I have to wear a bulky ID lanyard at work anyway.
As you can see, I don't like to spend a ton of money on clothes! I don't plan to buy a lot of new items to meet my goal of 52 unique outfits, so I hope Fresh Fashion Fridays will help me look at what I do have in a new light and not get bored with what's already in my closet.
What do y'all think? Feel free to post your own wardrobe creations and link up. If this takes off maybe I'll try a McLinky party one day, ya never know!



Tim and Tracy said...

oooh- adorable! now if only i could have you virtually in my closet each morning so that i could run my fashion choices by you...

Julia said...

You are too cute! Good idea.

Julia said...

Thanks Hattie - I appreciate your bloggy friendship. :)