Monday, August 24, 2009


Our office is still not quite ready for a close up, but I have a few more pictures to give you an idea of what's to come.


This original movie poster (scored for a dollar at a yard sale) became the inspiration piece for the whole room.

Vertigo is one of my favorite movies, so I was super excited to find the poster. The poster became even more exciting when I found this filing cabinet at a thrift store.

Normally, I would have been gung ho about repainting this a more soothing color, but it matched the poster so perfectly, that it became the start of a vintage orange and aqua color scheme.

Once I found the french memo board and the my mom made the feed sack valance, things really started to come together.


I wanted to continue the old school Hollywood vibe with some simple black and white artwork, so I created this grid on the empty wall. My brother and Brad's uncle are the artists responsible for the two sketches.

I knew hanging these was going to be a bear, so I thought things out ahead of time. A lot of people in blog land have a great strategy for hanging groupings that involves tracing the frames on paper, cutting them out, marking where the hangers belong, arranging the cut outs on the wall with painter's tape, and then nailing through the paper. This idea sounds awesome, but if I'm totally honest with myself, I know I'm not patient enough to go through all those steps. So, I modified the idea to suit my personality. I opened up a large paper grocery bag (yay, for Ukrops!) and laid it on the floor. Next, I arranged all the frames on the paper until I liked the way they looked. Then I traced around them and marked where the hangers were situated. I used tape to secure the big piece of paper to the wall, and a level to make sure my eyeballing skills weren't too far off the mark. NOTE: do not leave the stack of frames on the floor while you hang the paper. Doing this runs the risk of broken glass caused by stepping squarely on the stack of frames whilst attempting to survey your handiwork. Anyway, once I had the paper level, all I had to do was hammer nails through the marks I had made noting the hanger placement. After all the nails were in place, I just ripped off the paper and my pictures were ready for hanging. This method worked perfectly, with the exception of the broken glass mishap. Note to self: wear shoes during future DIY projects!



P.S. It was pretty close, but thankfully, no toes were harmed during this project!


Christen said...

Looking forward to seeing the finished product!

Tim and Tracy said...

I will forever love that cool orange filing cabinet...