Monday, August 10, 2009

Family Treasures

I didn't get a chance to check out any yard sales or thrift stores this weekend because Brad and I rolled back into town on Saturday night, after a relaxing couple of days at the lake with his family. I still managed to walk away from the weekend with a few treasures. An elderly relative has moved into a full time care home, and as his home is prepared for sale, we saved a few family mementos.

On the left is an uncut feed sack. I think I may use this for pillow covers. I fell in love with these great vintage pot holders. For the moment, I just have them stacked in a bowl, but if anyone has any creative ideas for what to do with them, please share! The red lattice tablecloth has a few stains, but If I can get them out, or at least dull them a bit, I think it will look pretty cute on the kitchen table for the end of summer.

My parents thought Brad and I should have this shoe shine box in remembrance of our anniversary getaway to the Craddock Terry, where breakfast was served in a similar box.

All the little tins were still inside. Let me warn you to never open an old shoe polish tin without first taking a large breath - the fumes are strong enough to make a buffalo pass out on the spot. Brad has a really cool idea for displaying the tins, so stay tuned.
Aren't family treasures the best of all?

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Christen said...

Those pot holders are going to look great in your white kitchen, especially with all the pops of red! As for ideas of what to do them, maybe you could hang them as artwork inside a white frame (without the glass, of course) with teacup hooks.

Megan said...

I used a plate rack to display my potholders and old utensils.

Mrs. P. said...

I just love your vintage kitchen linens. So cherry and bright!

~~Carol~~ said...

Oh my, I love the potholders and the feedsack, and that tablecloth is just gorgeous! Yes, I agree, family treasures are the best. It's so nice so surround yourself with meaningful things!

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Those stains will most probably come out with a long soak in Oxy-clean. Sometimes takes several days but I've had really good luck with it. And I buy the grocery store brand that costs less!

Don't know if you have a kitchen window, but I can see those wonderful pot holder as a valance over it.

Kammy said...

Family treasures are the best- love your box !