Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tone Down that Bling

There is a phenomena in marriage that no one warns you about. I like to call it the electronic cycle. Here's how it works: Husband acquires ugly electronic item with lots of cords and wires. Wife attempts to hide all the cords and wires. As soon as the house stops resembling a Radio Shack, husband moves, upgrades, or buys more electronic equipment. Repeat.
Brad knows that ugly cords drive me nuts, so he really does try to conceal them neatly, but sometimes there's just not that much he can do.

This little situation has been bothering me for almost a year now. I finally figured out that a small ottoman would 1. cover the outlet. 2. provide extra seating. and 3. provide extra storage. The only problem is my that my thriftiness will not allow me to spend $50 or more on an ottoman. Fortunately, I discovered this little beauty:

You know how you're supposed to look in the mirror and remove one piece of jewelry before you leave the house? This little trunk never got that memo. She's was pure gold bling from head to toe. As soon as I brought her home, out came the trusty Rustoleum. I gave her a coat of metal primer and two coats of Blossom White.

I also wrapped some Wal-Mart bags around her leather handles before I started the spray paint frenzy.

I think she looks much more grown up and proper in her new attire!

I'm going to ask Brad to move all the TV stuff forward a smidge, so the trunk doesn't look like it's jutting out so far into the room. Overall, I pretty happy with the look and thrilled to have all those cords out of sight.
If you've got a great trick for corralling cords and wires, please share!



Tim and Tracy said...

I love the leather handles against the white. And now you have more hiding/stashing space in your living room thanks to it being a trunk! Yay for that! I always wonder about where the wires are in those home decorating magazines- you never see them from the computers and t.v.'s and lamps... what's up with that? Way to keep it real and provide a realistic solution as well. ;)

Dawn said...

Great solution!

~~Carol~~ said...

Oh, those husbands! That's the prettiest cord concealer I've ever seen!

Tracy's mom said...

Great vision in seeing that little trunk could look so sophisticated after you toned her down. Way to go!

Pam @ bibbidi-bobbidi-beautiful said...

Totally charming! Love the red touches, the ric-rac trim on the valances and especially your beautiful vintage tablecloths!