Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cheap-o DIY Art

OK, so I admit to having a big, empty white space in my kitchen that I've been mostly cropping out of photos. There it is, right above the white pitcher. Not only is it a sort of awkward empty space, but the wall also has a weird crease in it.

So, I've been working on a solution, and the odd assortment of items below provided everything I needed to create a cute and punchy little piece of art.

I've always liked Andy Warhol's soup cans and thought it would be cute to recreate the look using real soup labels. It turns out that the healthy soup can labels lack the great graphic look of the iconic originals. I'm way too thrifty to buy the not-so-healthy regular soup just for the labels, so I looked around the kitchen for a new inspiration.
As much tea as I drink (3 cups a day!) I'm surprised it didn't occur to me sooner to use my dragon tea bag wrappers. The have a great red and white color are printed with the phrase, "Enjoy life - Enjoy tea."
I bought a shadow box frame at Ikea last week, so all I needed to do to create a little homemade pop-art was use double sided tape to attach the wrappers to a white background.
I have two options for display, with mat or without.

Which do you like better? As soon as I decide, this baby is going on the wall and I can say, "so-long!" to my empty space.
Do you have any ideas for easy, cheap art?

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Anonymous said...

With a mat - hang it and then post the pictures!