Sunday, April 19, 2009

A freebie and tutorial in one

I have recently become obsessed with making pop-up cards for birthdays, holidays, or just to say, "hi!" They are super easy to make, but look really classy and impressive.

In case you don't have the time or supplies to make one of these cuties, I'm going to give away the card featured in this tutorial, plus a little extra surprise. Because is this is my first try at a freebie, I'm going to limit it to those living in the US. To enter, post a comment telling me the best thing you ever received in the mail by Sunday, April 26. I'll draw a winner out of a hat on Monday. Hopefully, more than three people will enter!

Now, for some pop-up instructions!

First gather the following:
-two folded sheets of paper in your desired size. One will make the outside of your card and the other will make the inside.
-glue stick or double sided tape
-pen or marker
-assorted scrapbook goodies such as brads, ribbon, stickers, etc.

Take the inside sheet and fold it in half so the side that will be glued to the outside sheet is facing the inside of the fold.

You will need to cut tabs for each letter or picture you would like to pop-up. To make these tabs, cut to parallel lines through the folded edge of the paper. It's important that your cuts do not go more than half way across the sheet.

Now fold each tab towards the unfolded edge and crease well with your fingernail for a bone folder. It is super important to crease very well.

Turn the sheet over and repeat on the other side. Again, crease very well.

Now, fold the tabs down so the sheet is flat again.
Carefully, open the sheet and fold it back the other way.
Use your fingers to pop or pull out your tabs.
Fold the sheet in half, making sure the tabs are pulled towards the inside. Crease the fold well.
Now when you open the sheet, the tabs should pop up.
At this point, it's time to go crazy adding stickers and other embellishments to your tabs. Once you are happy with your pop-ups, go ahead and glue your inside sheet to your outside sheet. Make sure you do not glue your tabs to the outside sheet!
Of course you will also want to decorate the outside sheet as well.

I left the front label blank for the give away card, so you will be able to add any name or message you wish.
This card comes with a matching blue envelope. If you make your own, keep the envelope size in mind, or just make one.
Good luck on the give away! If you do make one of these yourself, I'd love to see pictures or hear how it went :-)

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Masterson said...

um, can you enter to win even if you have connections to the blogmaster? :) actually, i just wanted to say HOW CUTE your cards are! The best thing that i ever received in the mail was my acceptance letter to CNU (though i didn't think so at the time), because it introduced me to my amazing friends (and of course my wonder of a hubby)! and i also remember those days- not quite so long gone by- when i used to receive a cottage living mag in the mail. *sigh*