Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Flowers

Because this is National Library Week, my co-librarian and I were each given a beautiful bouquet of flowers by the faculty at our school. I've enjoyed seeing the flowers at work all week, aren't they pretty?

When I brought them home today, I decided that as much as I like one big bouquet, I would like a bunch of little bouquets even better.

I took the whole thing apart and separated the blooms by color so I could see what I had to work with.
Because I can't seem to get enough yellow in the kitchen, I put this one together for the white pitcher. The trick to getting a bouquet to stay together nicely inside a big container like this, is to actually place the blooms in a smaller water-filled glass set inside.
I'm not super crazy about purple, but I kind of like the way the irises look against the blue and green glass bottles.
These mini carnations just screamed to be in a little vase all on their own.
I backed up so you could see all of my entryway. Even though it's not technically a room, and I only spend a few seconds here a day, it's still one of my favorite places in the house.

I've never had flowers on my nightstand before, It feels so decadent and ritzy! I didn't have a another little vase, so I just stuck these in an Ikea drinking glass. I think it works just fine!
For the living room, I had to make something to show off my vintage typewriter table. I really love how all the colors are meshing!
A little close-up action!

This is not flower related, but this evening Brad and I were treated to the view of 14 fawns chowing down in our field. The picture isn't the greatest because we had to take it through the screen, but these little cuties were only about 100 feet from our house.
These are the nights when I love being a country girl!

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Masterson said...

oooh... jealous that your school loves you more than mine loves me. :) those flowers are beautiful and i like how you separated them into little splashes of beauty around the house. so much less frouffy than all together in one vase and it's like live little works of art all over the house. i can't decide which one is my favorite... the yellow and white ones in the vase (coveting!) or the pop of cheery color in that cute glass by your bed. :)