Thursday, April 2, 2009

The red in the roost - the kitchen

As you know if you've read my profile, The Little Red Roost is so named because it is painted red, but also because I have a passion for all things red. There is something so vibrant and cheerful about red. If energy and enthusiasm were a color, they would be red. So, in honor of my favorite color, let's take a tour of all the little splashes of red I have around the roost.
I thought I should start with the kitchen, because saying it has a splash of red is something of an understatement. Some people would probably say I've gone overboard, but standing in my kitchen, looking at all the cute, vintage red items, makes me feel happy and inspired.

When you turn the corner from the front door to the kitchen, this is the view you see if you look to your left.
The graphic cookie jar was half price after Christmas and Wal-Mart! My Mix Master and red cow creamer are two of my very favorite things in the kitchen.

Now, take a step forward and look straight ahead.
Little red table from Class and Trash

Ok, now turn to your right
Another piece from Class and Trash. My mom convinced me that framing this empty flour sack would make a great piece of artwork for the kitchen - she was right!

And to your right again.

Turn right one more time and head out of the kitchen
Because the modern gift for a first anniversary is a clock, my parents found this awesome kitty-kat clock for us. The tail even wags!
So there ya have it - a little taste of my red kitchen!
Which room should be next - bedroom or living room?

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