Sunday, November 1, 2009

Flaunt what ya got

Today I want to show y’all a way to cozy up your nest, and give it a fresh new look, all for zero dollars and zero cents. I got this idea while looking through two of my favorite sources of inspiration, Pottery Barn and Better Homes and Gardens. In these magazines, I noticed lots of pictures of blankets and throws, all displayed in ways I had never thought to try. Since I usually keep one throw on the arm chair and one throw on the sofa, I decided to give my two favorite new looks a whirl. These were my inspiration pictures:

I love the look of a neatly folded throw draped down the center of a chair. I think this look is modern, unexpected, and a little whimsical.

know this look isn’t exactly new, but I love the idea of an artfully tossed throw with pillows arranged on top of the throw.
Here is my take on these two looks.

I'm so happy with the way this turned out, because I always felt that the throw looked sloppy just hanging over one edge of the chair. I also think this makes the chair look much more comfy and inviting.

I like this look as well. I think it's a lot more casual than the first look, but just as inviting. I also really love soft whites in the winter. I'm still looking for something simple and natural (like burlap) to use as covers for these pillows, but I'm willing to wait for a super good deal.

If you normally keep a throw in your living room, why not try using it to create a new look? It doesn’t cost a penny, but it can go a long way towards freshening up the look of the room. Don’t keep a throw in the living room? Why not raid the linen cabinet and try keeping one around for the fall and winter? It’s a lot easier to lower the thermostat, and save a little on the heating bill if there’s a cozy throw nearby!

I know y’all must have some great ideas of your own for creating fresh looks with things already on hand. Do share!


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Tim and Tracy said...

This looks fantastic! I love them both- like you, I have noticed that throw down the center of the chair look and I tried it out in our half done library. Your's looks much better- I need a more appropriate throw instead of my puffy blanket, I think!

BTW, I know you were wondering were to find burlap awhile ago. My mom said one of the blogs she visits gets their burlap from coffee shops. And I know Five Guys probably has bags from all those potatoes they ship in. I haven't called them yet to see if they'll hand 'em over for free, but it's worth a shot. xo!