Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fresh Fashion Friday - Hepburn Girl

I love my Hepburns. Audrey and Katharine are two of my favorite leadings ladies. Today’s outfit is Katharine inspired. I love how she played fast talking, pants wearing, smart women. I love that wide leg pants with a higher waist are coming back, because they remind me of the style she wore.

Sorry in advance for the crummy pictures, the weather has not been cooperating for outdoor photo sessions. I paired my grey wool trousers (side note: I love the word ‘trousers’ it is so fun to say. Try it! Trouuuuuserrrrrrssss) with this bow tie blouse to give the menswear look a feminine punch.

I feel like an old fashioned girl Friday.

Now for the breakdown:
- Dark green blouse from h&m
- Patent leather belt from h&m
- Grey wide leg trousers from h&m
- Black patent flats from Old Navy
Have a great weekend!



Tim and Tracy said...

I really love this look on you- so flattering. So we not only need to hit up Home Goods together, but apparently H&M as well. :D

Mama Kat said...

Really cute on you! And yes, I agree, very flattering!

You should link up with Summer from Le Musings Of Moi for Fashion Fridays!