Thursday, October 1, 2009

Fresh Fashion Friday - hellooo cozy!

This Friday's outfit is all about being both stylish and comfortable. Like many teachers and students, I spent most of this week in the haze of extreme allergies (or possibly a cold) that kept me chugging hot tea and going through Kleenex like the future of the company hinged on my usage. With a jammed packed schedule and a head full of stuffing, I sought out comfort wherever I could find it. Enter the jersey knit jumper.

I cropped my head out of these photos in order to spare you my puffy red nose and overall I-feel-like-I-got-hit-by-a-truck expression. I’m feeling much better now, and I owe that in part to spending Wednesday feeling like I wore my PJ’s to school. This might just be my new can-do dress. The black goes with just about anything, and it is super warm and cozy paired with a turtleneck and tights. I rounded out the outfit with a pair of simple black patent flats and a fun red necklace to add some cheer and a pop of color.

Here’s the break down:
- grey turtleneck from h&m
- black jersey knit dress from Ann Taylor Loft (are you aware that they offer a 15% off discount to teachers, even on sale items?!?)
- vintage red bead were thrifted
- grey tights from wal-mart
- black patent flats from Old Navy

Have a happy weekend, and if you too have felt the sneezes and coughs of a fall cold, I wish you a speedy recovery and lots of hot tea and soup!

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