Wednesday, October 14, 2009

A little tweaking...

“I’m in the middle of a project that needs some….tweaking.” You’ve Got Mail

Aside: it is somewhat amazing that this is only the fourth time I’ve referenced You’ve Got Mail on this blog, as Brad and I quote this movie almost daily! Best. Movie. Ever.
Moving right along… If you read Little Red Roost though a feed reader, you might not have noticed anything new around here, so let me clue you in – I’ve been tweaking the look of the blog. I created a brand new header that I’m pretty pleased with. I feel like it’s a better representation of my own style, less cluttered, more classic, and a little whimsical. I’ve been playing around with the idea of a background so that area still needs some tweaking. Does anyone make free Blogger backgrounds that aren’t super fluffy? I really want a simple solid colored texture, not layers of pattern and bows. Any ideas on where to look?
I’ve also been tweaking a few little things around the roost.

Remember how I couldn’t settle on a kitchen table centerpiece? Well, I think I’ve finally found the look I was after. A vintage tablecloth, a red plate, a red and white bowl, and fresh apples. Simple. Classic. Me. It only took at least four tries to get this right!

I little bow created from a strip of plaid fabric, turned out to be the perfect way to tweak this bucket from summer fun to autumn harvest.

If I can get my hands on some burlap, I’m going to tweak the look of the living room by creating some pillow slipcovers. I think they’d look great for fall and winter!

Later this week/end I plan on tweaking these frames by switching out the art with something new for fall.
It’s not always the big things. Often, little tweaks can make a huge difference in the feel of a room. Go do some tweaking of your own!



Julia said...

Very cute. I like the adorable tweaks. And the blog looks very cute. As for blog backgrounds I had a hard time finding any that were not fluffy, so I stuck with plain ones.

Tim and Tracy said...

I noticed the header change earlier today and I LOVE it! I've been dying to change my header for the past few weeks, but just haven't had the time to sit down and play around with it. Yours looks great- as does the rest of the roost. P.S. Tell me if you find your burlap- I have a project that I'm wanting some burlap for as well! P.P.S. The table centerpiece looks great- you should make a desk centerpiece with "bouquets of sharpened pencils"... ;)