Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Old Haunts

Over the weekend Brad and I took a trip to back to our college stomping ground. We spent the first part of the afternoon in beautiful Williamsburg, and then took a stroll around our ever changing college campus.

Fall trips to Williamsburg were a tradition during college, so it made sense to meet up with some of our dear friends for lunch at the Cheese Shop. We decided to walk off our lunch with a stroll through the historic area.

I love the details on these houses! I think if I had a brick house I would have to add some of those iron stars to the front. They just make the house for me.

Our walk took a little detour to Aroma’s – the cutest coffee shop this side of Central Perk.

I love how they turned a bunch of mismatched frames into a classy arrangement. And aren’t those pendent lights gorgeous?

After our coffee break, we continued on our walk.

There are tons of lovely old buildings to see.

Another Williamsburg tradition is taking pictures in the stocks. I think Tim and Tracy look too cute to be in trouble. I also love that Tim is barefoot!

Poor Mark and Sarah!

Ashley and Rachael are not happy!

Brad says I look too excited about my punishment!

How fun would it be to take yearly pictures of your kids or whole family at local historic spots like this? They would look super cute all framed on a wall.

These beautiful ladies were all in my wedding, and I think that was the last time we were all in one place together!

After a few more pictures, it was time to visit our Alma Mater, CNU. Go Captains!

A lot has changed around campus since we graduated.

There’s a brand new student center.

Home to this very neat clock. Note: I think I may be developing a thing for clocks!

There is also a brand new library.

But some things, like the English department, have stayed pretty much the same, and it's nice to find something familiar when everything else has changed so much!

Do you have any favorite haunts from your college days? Any historical sites in your home state worth a yearly visit? Do tell!

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Tim and Tracy said...

I agree that houses look so sweet with those iron stars on them... especially this row. Fun time- good pics!