Thursday, October 22, 2009

Fresh Fashion Friday - The Vintage Librarian

I have always loved vintage and vintage inspired fashion – especially with a little twist. I’ve really gotten into reading What I Wore, and Jessica’s amazing outfits constantly challenge me to look at my wardrobe more creatively. So, Wednesday I put together this little number.

I only took about a million pictures, so just stick with me.

I heart this tweed skirt so much. It’s both cute and comfy.

This is the first time I’ve worn this belt with anything other than the pants it came with. I think it really makes the outfit.

I love how the boots add a little fun kick (pun totally intended).

Here’s the break down:

- cream ¾ length cardigan from h&m

- orange short sleeved sweater from Target

- brown belt from h&m

- tweed pencil skirt from h&m

- brown tights from Target

- brown boots from Aerosoles – most comfortable boots ever!

Anybody else loving the vintage inspired look this season? Oh, and just for fun, what are your top three must have pieces for fall? I think I’d have to go with boots, tights, and cardigans. Is it any wonder I liked this outfit so much?



Tim and Tracy said...

This is my fav FFF yet! I love pencil skirts- if I could own them in every color of the rainbow I'd be set- that's all I would wear to work. :) This is so flattering and chic on you! And I really like the colors.

Tim and Tracy said...

Oh and I forgot to mention my 3 fall must haves- probably because they are the exact same as yours. Each of those are essential- particularly if you love wearing skirts and dresses to work all year round, which I do. :)