Sunday, October 18, 2009

The last few days have been unseasonably cold, windy, and dreary. This kind of weather calls for some cheery comfort, so today I made my favorite comfort food lunch.

If you don’t live in Virginia or Georgia, you might not have had the pleasure of tasting Brunswick Stew. Trust me; you should remedy this ASAP, as Brunswick stew is amazing. Homemade is best, but Mrs. Fearnow’s, in the yellow can is almost as good. No other food is as warm and comforting on a miserable day. Perhaps it’s the cheerful yellow label, or the mix of spices - just spicy enough to unstuff a stuffy nose, but probably this stew is so comforting because of the memories I have of it. My family used to go to the state fair every year. Every year it rained. Every year found us huddled in the Virginia’s Finest agriculture barn, looking like drowned animals, gratefully slurping piping hot samples of Mrs. Fearnow’s. Eating that stew always seemed like the first time I'd felt warm and dry all day!

Today I paired my hot bowl of stew with a grilled cheese sandwich and a tall glass of apple cider. It made the perfect lunch for a gloomy fall day!
My mom also cheered me up with some cute little goodies she gave Brad and I for Halloween. Even the wrapping was cute and cheerful!

I don’t think I need to tell you how much I love this little pumpkin with the owl carving! The mulled cider diffuser smells wonderful and makes the whole house smell like hot apple pie!

It really only take a few simple things to add some cheer and comfort to overcast days! What’s your favorite fall comfort food?



Tim and Tracy said...

Piping hot chicken noodle soup- bonus points if it's homemade! It's also particularly good with a hot sandwich on the side such as a grilled cheese. And later for dessert- hot chocolate! (Gotta love some of that Mrs. Fearnow's though!)

Christen said...

I LOVE my mom's brunswick stew! Seriously, I'll freeze several bowlfuls to enjoy all winter long. Also on my comfort food list: grilled cheese, pumpkin bars, and apple pie (and hot chocolate and cookies... aww, man, now I'm getting hungry!)

Great post!