Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New ideas from the barn

If you haven't seen the fall Pottery Barn catalogue, here's just a hint of what you're missing.

I love this catalogue, not just because I'm a fan of the furniture, but because it's always full of such creative decorating, organization, and display ideas. I would never have thought of using hooks to hang baskets from a shelf, but how stylish is this? This idea could be used in a mudroom to store umbrellas, gloves, etc. Or, how about in a bathroom to store rolled up towels?

This picture inspires me to think about using floating shelves in new ways. I love how the two shorter off-centered shelves in the middle add visual interest, while still keeping things balanced.

I really like everything about this scene. I was initially attracted to the idea of using a bench as a coffee table (the fact that it's red is not hurting anything either) but the use of texture and color and the playful whimsy of the art won me over completely. Some room should just be fun!

How cool is this idea of framing maps? I think arranging them from nearly floor to ceiling actually adds height to the room.

I am loving this funky architectural molding. Without it, the headboard and wall would blend together into a world of blah, but the addition of the earthy molding adds just enough oomph (that's a technical term) to make the room really special.

Finally, I know in real life this would be an impractical dust catcher, but this little clothes line of simple black and white images is so sweet. I think it would work well as a seasonal decoration.

What's inspiring you these days?


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