Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fresh Fashion Friday - The Librarian

I'm a librarian all of the time, but when I wear this outfit I feel like I'm The Librarian - in a good way.

It's a little more dressy than what I usually go for (I do have a job that involves kneeling on the floor to find books, climbing on tables to hang displays, and daily furniture moving and copier repair - they do NOT tell you this stuff in library school.) but on Wednesday we had convocation, so I used that as an excuse to get a little classy.

And now, on to the outfit break down:

- pale pink 3/4 sleeve dress shirt from h&m
- black 3/4 sleeve V neck cardigan from Target
- black patented (faux) leather belt from h&m
- Pink and grey pin striped skirt from Old Navy
- black linen open toes kitten heels (not shown) from Wal-Mart

After days of yelling at my computer, going blurry-eyed from starring at lines of HTML, and fighting with css templates, I finally finished the library web page makeover on Wednesday afternoon. I totally think my super Librarian outfit had something to do with it!


Julia said...

Really cute outfit Hattie!

Christen said...

You look great! I love the belt over the cardigan.

Tim and Tracy said...

i love the librarian look! it looks good on you! i heart pencil skirts. i actually participated in your f.f.f. fun times. xo!