Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fresh Fashion Friday - old is new again

Fun fact: Libraries are cold. All of them. I start each school year in denial of this fact, but now that I've been back for almost a month, I'm ready to admit that wearing a skirt everyday is not an option unless I'm willing to experience goosebumps on top of goosebumps. So, I bring you the first Fresh Fashion Friday featuring pants! And another first, almost everything I'm wearing is several years old at least. The challenge I gave myself was to use one newer piece to bring everything else up to date.

I decided to use a long t-shirt to add some freshness to my old shrunken sweater. Since chinos are fairly classic, they work with just about any look. I put two necklaces together to tie together the blue/brown sweater and shirt combo. I'm also wearing brown satin flats the same shade as the t-shirt.
Here is the breakdown:
-blue beads (Target Dollar Spot) intertwined with vintage brown beads (Bygones)
-Baby blue cable knit sweater from Abercrombie by way of Rugged Warehouse purchased eight years ago during my freshman year of college.
- Brown t-shirt from Forever 21
- Tan chinos from Banana Republic by way of Goodwill. I don't know the exact age on these, but the tag is not the one they use currently.
I little close up of the intertwined beads and the sweet cable details.
Trying to get a good shot with my camera's timer feature, I manged to get about fifteen really great butt shots. I kept this one in the post because it shows the little ties on the sweater sleeves. I love them!

Happy Friday everyone!
p.s. I'm thinking of adding a mclinky to my fashion posts in the future, if enough people would be interested in linking up. Thoughts?


Tracy's mom said...

Hattie, what a cute combo. I'm sure that outfit will move you from a cold librarian into the "hot librarian" zone.
I'm still trying to get over the comment about your freshman college year being 8!!! years ago. Say it isn't so.

Tim and Tracy said...

i'd participate in a mclinky party. :) i always love your choice of beads and it's funny, but i just wore my all time favorite skirt yesterday (an express black pencil skirt) that happens to be from rugged warehouse college days itself!