Thursday, September 10, 2009

Fresh Fashion Friday - sew sweet

I'm loving starting the weekends with some fashion fun. As promised, this outfit features my newly created skirt turned shirt. Without further adieu, this is what I wore on Thursday:

From top to bottom
- Vintage brown beads from Bygones (A super fun vintage store in Carytown)
- 3/4 length cream cardigan from h&m
- Skirt (from Ann Taylor Loft) turned fab strappy top, hand sewed by me
- Bronze ribbon belt from h&m
- Navy skirt from h&m

Clearly, I am a fan of h&m! Here's a closer shot to give you a better look at my new top:

Click to enlarge the photo for more detail.

I hope y'all are enjoying my fashion challenge half as much as I am! If you do any fashion posts of your own, please link up in the comments. I'd love to see your style.

Happy (almost) weekend!



Julia said...

I love it! I tried snapping a pic of myself to do a fashion friday and I could not get a satisfactory angle all by my lonesome. One day I shall have someone home to take a picture...hmmm.

Cara said...

Hi Hattie!

I have been reading your blog for a couple months and just realized that I hadn't become a follower yet:) I so enjoy your posts, and hey, we're both married to a Brad:)

Hope you stop on over for a visit!


Tim and Tracy said...

This is my favorite fashion Fri. outfit so far! Love it! And great work with that top- it looks wonderful with that skirt.

Christen said...

I love the ribbon as a belt look!