Monday, September 7, 2009

What a day for a daydream

Brad and I spent a lovely Saturday morning at Maymont Park. Our friends Tracy and Tim brought some of their friends to Richmond for a home town tour. We gladly joined them for some very Richmond-y fun. Maymont is a gorgeous park on the edge of the city. It was once the estate of the Dooley family, so the park is home to formal gardens, farm areas, and a very fancy mansion.

We started our visit in the herb garden.

I emerged smelling of Rosemary and bee balm, because I couldn't resist touching all the beautiful plants!

I love the lines of this fancy outbuilding. The stonework is very detailed in person.

The carriage house sported these great diamond windows. I love the deep red paint job.

The Dooley mansion

I think this archway is one of my favorite shots from the trip!

This cool faux twig bench provided a spot to rest while looking at the Raptor exhibit. The hawks were so regal.

I lost count of the number of little waterfalls!

The big waterfall in the Japanese gardens makes quite an impression!
The gardens were dotted with all these stone sculptures.
Brad and I climbed up close to the waterfall.
There was a seriously dreamy quality to the Japanese gardens.

I loved all the little details like this sweet stone edging.

You've got to click on these tree pictures to enlarge them. Couple have carved their names all over this tree. It was the coolest thing.

You can see the carvings a little better in this shot.

Even the paths through the woods had beautiful little details like these winding steps.
We ended our visit in the Italian gardens.
A picture of the three blogging girls.
Michelle blogs at The Daily Ramen, Tracy Blogs at Close to Home, and I of course, blog right here!
The Italian gardens were full of roses and other delicious smelling flowers.

Could this all be transplanted into my yard? Pretty please?

Many, many people have been married under this long pergola style colonnade.

I hope you enjoyed a little virtual trip to Maymont. If you're ever in Richmond, be sure to check out this free treasure. If any of these photos appeal to you, feel free to use them for whatever!


Tim and Tracy said...

Oh so fun! I'm really glad that you made the trip to spend the day with us! You got some great pics. The archway is a lovely shot and you got some really beautiful photos of the gardens. Yay for Maymont fun. :)

Christen said...

Dan and I went there on Saturday too! We were there later in the afternoon and saw two set-ups for a wedding, as well as a nervous but happy looking groom. Oh, and I love that tree with all the carvings. I always make a point to stop by it and read some of the inscriptions.