Thursday, November 12, 2009

Fresh Fashion Friday: I like stripes

Well, I’m glad I took my Fresh Fashion Friday pictures on Sunday, because it has been raining nonstop since Tuesday afternoon, and it’s not supposed to let up until Friday night. I need rain boots – stat!

This outfit is a little on the daring side for me – but I still think it’s super fun. And yes, I'm pretty much every bit as pale as I look!

I’m at the age where I’m trying to figure out what is age appropriate for me to wear. When you’re in your late-ish twenties but can still pass for late-ish teens, it’s easy to get treated like a teen by other adults (like suspicious furniture store salespeople) if you dress too young and trendy. So, the challenge is to add a few mature elements to my younger looking outfits.For this outfit, I used a ribbon belt to create a waist, and faux pashmina to add another layer and texture. I think they help dress up the standard tunic and leggings look.

Ok, so I can still pass for a teen, but at least I feel more confident!

On to the breakdown:
- black and brown striped knit tunic from h&m
- black faux pashmina from wal-mart (yes, really!)
- black ribbon belt from old navy
- black leggings from h&m
- black flats from h&m

I think I need to buy stock in h&m. Seriously.

What is your go to store for stylish and affordable clothes? I'd love to check out some new places!



Tim and Tracy said...

This is adorable- and I love the backdrop for this shoot. :) So fallish. I like brown on you!

Christen said...

You look great! I'm a big fan of sweater dresses! They're so snuggly!