Monday, November 23, 2009

Wreath Remix

Twelve Weeks of Christmas

It’s a DIY Day remix! Since it’s practically (almost!) Christmas time, I started thinking about how to change up my little Thanksgiving wreath to give it some holly jolly attitude. ( Note: thanks to her sweet invite, I'm also joining Keelie for her Christmas wreath party)

If you don’t follow my crazy ramblings, go here to learn how to make this pinecone cutie. Tip, you just need pinecones and lots of hot glue.

I knew I wanted to make a new banner for the wreath, but I also wanted to give it some extra wintery sparkle. Enter my beloved white paint and some glitter. As we all know, you can throw glitter everywhere at Christmas time and no one will call you tacky.

I used one of those awesome cheap-o foam brushes to dab white paint on the pinecones. While the paint was still wet, I sprinkled some super fine opal glitter all over the pinecones. If you had some snow text, you could do this all in one step, but I’m all about using whatever’s on hand. I think the big, chunky vintage glitter would look really cute on this project too.

To finish off the wreath, I made a tiny banner from some scrapbook paper and white ribbon. I free handed the letters, but you could also use stickers or die cuts.

I think this tiny wreath adds just the right little something to my retro kitchen.

Happy Christmas crafting!
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Red Writing said...

I love your remix! I'm having a wreath party this week and a great giveaway! Come check it out--


Jayne said...

This is so cute - and versatile! Multi-holiday uses are the best! Good job!
Jayne at mysongwithin

Andrea said...

Cute! I think the white and glitter really set it off! said...

How fun! thanks for sharing.
happy thanksgiving!

laterg8r said...

very cool - love the paint and glitter on the pinecones :D