Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gifting: A Guide

Confession: I love giving presents. I mean, I really love it. I especially love it when you can find just the right thing for someone. That item they never knew they needed or wanted, but the second they rip off the paper they fall in love. Because some people are really hard to buy for and sometimes it can be hard to think of the perfect thing for everyone on your list, here is a little Christmas gift guide from me to you. These items are not very expensive but they are thoughtful and useful.
For the crafter on your list:
- a new xacto knife
- spray paint squeeze trigger
- fresh colored pencils, or sharpie markers
- A really nice package of heavy weight paper in any color
- Several fancy paper punches
- Rolls of twine, jute, and butchers string
- Good quality scissors – they kind she would never justify buying for herself
For the fashionista:
- faux pashmina or other trendy scarf – Wal-Mart and Wisteria have great deals on these
- Really nice tights in several colors – is she’s conservative stick to black, brown, and grey. If she’s a little more trendy try patterns or dark colors like cranberry and plum
- A statement necklace. Modcloth and Lulu*s have some beautiful and affordable pieces
- A set or two of wooden hangers
- A really nice hair brush
For the cook:
- A good quality paring knife – you can never have too many!
- Nice, thick dish towels that match the kitchen – then make him/her get rid of the gross ones lurking in a drawer
- A set of exotic spices or ingredients
- A fun bottle to hold the dish soap
- A set of three nice cutting boards
- Organic/natural counter spray – you can even make this yourself.
For the guys
- Junk food they don’t normally get to eat – My husband gets a can of Easy Cheese and a bunch of Reese’s cups every year, and he loves it!
- A game from their childhood or a remote controlled car/plane/truck
- A kit to make something – a mini solar car, model hot rod, and similar kits have gone over well.
- Fresh equipment for their favorite sport – according to my husband, you can never have too many golf balls.
- A non-fiction book on one of their interests – sports jokes, home improvement guides, Dave Berry, Bill Bryson, etc.
- A coupon for something they love – “A homemade pumpkin pie whenever you want it, even July” was a big hit
- Nails, screws, wire, sandpaper, and other hardware items
For the newly weds
- A collection of your favorite tried and true (not fancy or complex) recipes in a photo album with extra room for adding more.
- Candle sticks – I think everyone forgets to put these on their registries
- A few meaningful ornaments so the tree isn’t too bare.
- A Christmas tradition – an advent wreath or calendar, a copy of The Polar Express and a bell, etc. With a note explaining how the tradition works at your house.
For the person who has everything
- a book of forever stamps
- movie tickets
- bees, chicks, or a share of a cow from Heifer
- a copy of a book that has changed your life, either in print or on CD
- A letter explaining what they mean to you and why you love and respect them
- A standing invitation to dinner at your house, once a month (or whatever) for a year
- A handwritten letter, or cartoon, or doodle, mailed to them once a week for a year
I hope you find these ideas helpful! Please add your own tried and true gift ideas in the comments, we can all use all the help we can get!



Tim and Tracy said...

Great ideas- as always. Hope your Christmas shopping is going well- I've still barely made a dent in my lists... but these suggestions just might help!

2sisters said...

I LOVE finding the perfect gift. For me it is much more fun than getting a gift. Thanks for the ideas!