Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I just have to do a little show and tell today, because I’m super excited about some new toys I have around the roost!

The day after Christmas I scooped up this retro glass jar (with a RED lid!) at target. It’s now happily storing our sugar and looking mighty cute.

My twin soul and fellow blogger, Tracy, gave me this awesome carafe for Christmas. She knew I’ve been searching for one to hold the mouthwash in our tiny bathroom.

It works perfectly, although it seems I need to add mouthwash to the shopping list!

My dear, sweet, precious husband gave me two wonderful gifts that will certainly be getting plenty of action.
A sewing machine! I’m slowly and cautiously learning to use this beauty, and I’m happy to report I’ve already finished one project (coming soon to a blog near you.) Brad also gave me a new camera. It’s slightly difficult to take a picture of a camera, but it’s a twelve mega pixel Olympus. It has twenty million different settings, so I’m still figuring out how to get the best shots. So far, it seems like no flash on the cuisine setting produces the best close ups. Needles to say, it’s already getting plenty of use!

So, how about you? Any presents that have you or your home grinning from ear to ear?



Tim and Tracy said...

Oooh! Fun stuff (especially that sewing machine!) Now if only we lived closer so we could be sewing buddies... Glad you like the carafe and I'm loving the flowers in your bathroom. :)

I plan on showing off my goodies too, so instead of listing them here just keep an eye out for a post coming soon.

Tammy at Tattered and Timeless said...

Oh Hattie - I love those jars from target. I picked up 6 of them. I use them in my craft studio to hold different colored ribbon. And now I have 6 more to put trim in. :)

And I got a camera for Christmas too but it is initmidating the heck out of me..got to get on that thing this week though. Guess should read the manual first right?


Ashley said...

LOVE the sewing machine. my mom passed down her bernina embroidery machine to me last year and sadly, it hasn't gotten much use until recently. however, 2010 shall be the year for countless sewing projects! i can't wait to see yours :)

Mrs. Nepper said...

OK, so I love that jar, love the sewing machine...and your bathroom faucet. Fabulous! Love it!
Glad to hear you got some things you loved, and will get plenty of use.

Kasey at Thrifty Little Blog said...

That carafe is sooo much nicer than the plastic Listerine bottle the boyfriend insists on keeping on the countertops... do you know where your friend snagged it? I must get one!

Tricia Anne said...

What a cute jar! Perfect for sugar.
I am looking forward to seeing your sewing project. Just keep in mind (from one newby to another) that 1/4" is 9 times out of 10 the width of stitch that you need to use. :o)


I actually blogged my special gift too:

Hattie said...

Kasey, Tracy mentioned that she found the carafe at Pier One. Bed, Bath, and Beyond also has some online, but they always seemed to be out of stock whenever I had the extra funding to go ahead and buy one!

~ Hattie ~