Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Card Ribbon

On Saturday I whipped up a little Christmas card ribbon, based on an idea I saw in Better Homes and Gardens. I’ve only finished one so far, but I plan to make three of these.

All you need to make one of these is two kinds of ribbon, one fat and one thinner, and some staples.

Cut the wide ribbon to the desire length.

Staple the thinner ribbon to the wide ribbon. Make a loop with the thin ribbon and staple the top of the loop to the wide ribbon. Make a second loop with the thin ribbon and staple underneath the first loop like this:

The first loop should conceal the staple.

Continue making and stapling loops until you are near the end of the wide ribbon. Now you are ready to hang the card ribbon. Tuck your cards under the loops and secure with tape, or pretty clips. I used tiny clothes  pins. I also safety pinned a bow to the top of the ribbon to hide the first staple.

Easy Peasy!
How do you display your Christmas cards?


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Tim and Tracy said...

That's cute and looks easy to make. My Christmas cards just get displayed on the fridge or around the house, but this is much more fun!