Friday, August 12, 2011

Two sisters fashion friday: Nautical

Fashion Friday is back, with a twist! This time around, I'm bringing in my sister. We are eight years apart but share a love of fabric, design, and of course clothes. We thought it would be fun to show you two takes on the same fashion trend. Before we show you what we came up with, this is where I take a page from Sarah's book and ask all blog trolls to please leave the building. Hannah and I do not claim to be models or fashion experts. We are simply two sisters who love to play dress up!

This week we are both in love with the nautical trend.

Hannah's whistle necklace mixed with blue, brown, and white is a casual and subtle take on the trend and really fits her personality.

I went with a bit more of a classic take with my navy and white sailor style tank, but tried to update the look with a darker, tobacco colored skirt.

Hannah is wearing:
Shirt - Target
Whistle necklace - Mod Cloth
Skirt - Homemade by us from a men's shirt (gotta love sister sewing dates)
Belt - Target
Shoes - Steve Madden by way of Ross

Hattie is wearing:
Tank - h&m
Belt and skirt - h&m
Shoes - Target
Red bangle - Vintage

Hannah and I did a little photo shoot and have six of these posts ready to roll. If you like these posts, we'll be happy to have another sister fashion day!

Out takes

oops! let me move my hair!

Sleepy blinky eyes



Corn in my Coffee-Pot said...

Hi Hattie!

I wanted to pop in and say Hello... I used to read your blog when you were just starting out, and found if very encouraging...over the last year, I'd forgotten where you were, as I had not saved you on my side bar! You don't have a follower widget and I never subscribed. (old age what can I say)
I always found your crafting, sewing and decorating on a budget interesting-- and love seeing what you've done with your little roost...:)

I was editing some of my old posts today; because I changed my template (starting to regret THAT decision)...anyway, I found a comment by you on my blog! Joy, smiles and happy adulation were mine! ... he he he

I'm subscribed now and see I have so much to read.

Glad to have come across your blog again... take care, Pat

Mrs. Great Indoors said...

I've been following your blog for a few months now. Sorry I don't comment much, but I'm trying to be better. :-)

I love these outfits, especially your ruffly tank. Thanks for sharing! And it's frightening how much your sister looks like you, age difference or not.