Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dream House: Week Two

Here's what happened this week in dream house construction,

The mason started work on Wednesday. When I saw those first low walls, I couldn't get over how small the space looked. "This is supposed to be a two car garage and a man cave/basement?"

I knew in my head that it was a much larger spaced than it looked  like, but my eyes couldn't quite believe it. Once I walked around the space, I felt relived that it was in fact larger than a garden shed.

The mixer was so loud!

Thursday we got to see our brick in action. We'd only seen a one foot square of it in the showroom, so we were glad we liked it just as much on a larger scale.

The foundation on the side of the house is brick, but the foundation on the front will be a similarly toned stone.

By Friday, the right side was completed. Look how small Brad looks next to our wonderfully tall basement!

We can't wait to see what next week brings,


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Cara said...

I remember doing the same thing, wait until the framing and floor boards are in, that makes it look even smaller, lol! So excited for you two!!