Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dream House: Week Three

The weather was not our friend this week. We lost a day or so to rain, but the mason finished his work and the basement floor should be poured this coming week.

On Tuesday the final walls of the basement were finished.

And the doorway to side garage exit bricked in.

Now we can see what will separate the two garage bays.

By Friday we could see the foundation for the front porch

... and gravel ready for the basement floor to be poured. That dirt spot is where the stairs up to the first floor will go. Everything behind the stairs will be Brad's man cave.

Oh yeah, and I got a haircut.

The framing is supposed to start soon - eek! I'm so excited!


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Tracy said...

Awesome- it seems to be progressing fast. And I really, really love your new cut! :)