Monday, August 15, 2011

Flavor of the week: Tea

I love that my flavor of the week actually comes in flavors! I have long had an obsession with tea. Since Ireland drinks the most tea per capita of any place in the world, I must come by this genetically. When I was younger, I liked black tea with milk and sugar, and I didn't care if I drank it out of a chipped mug or a beautiful tea cup. Now, I like a ton of different tea varieties, drink most without any sweetener, and get a little giddy over beautiful tea accessories. Here are a few tea items that make my heart sing.

Duchess Grey tea from Trader Joe's has been my favorite tea of the summer. It's light and a little fruity and a little bit spicy, but not nearly as much as a true earl grey. I like it plain or with a little bit of honey. It would probably be good iced as well, but as long as the AC works, I'm content to down steaming cups of tea in the middle of a heat wave!

I love my red fiesta ware mugs, but this picture has me ready to find a navy mug and attach paper anchors to all my tea bags. Yes, that is silly and unnecessary, but silly and unnecessary things are some of the most fun - just ask any two-year-old with a bubble wand.

I drink a lot of tea by myself, but tea parties are also fun. I think this is a lovely way to throw together a casual and elegant tea tray.

If I was having my sister over for tea, she would love to be served some dragon black tea out of an adorable owl teapot.

My love for tea goes so far, that I made sure part of our Charleston vacation included a trip to the only tea plantation in North America.

We saw how the tea leaves are prepared and took a trolley ride through the tea fields.

This crazy machine, called the green monster, is driven through the fields and harvests the new leaves from the tops of the bushes.

They had an amazing gift shop that did a very good job of parting me from my money. I came home with five boxes of tea, including this delicious southern variety.

I think this fancy paper cutting sums up my feelings about tea to a T!

What's your flavor of the week?



Kristen Z said...

Love that you went to that tea plantation! I have some of their tea, and would love to visit. Try Bewley's if you ever run across it. It's from Ireland; nice and authentic. We gave it out as the favors at our wedding, since we were engaged in Ireland. :-) Tea flavor of the week is pomegranate green tea. Yum.

Tracy said...

also loving the duchess grey tea, but can't forget the delicious peppermint green tea that TJ's put out around Christmas!