Monday, August 8, 2011

Flavor of the week: maps!

Hello, lovely blog friends! I decided to start a new weekly feature around these parts: flavor of the week. The plan is to highlight something different that I'm loving once a week. It could be related to design, fashion, food, life, etc. This week I'm loving maps! They deserve the exclamation point because I am crazy for them.

I love free maps to print and play with.

I love globes all in a neat row.

I love globes in a big colorful mish-mash.

I love the globes I've collected over time.

Some for free or cheap.

and some that were not so cheap - but I had to have. I'm talking to you, beautiful medium globe, second from the left.

I love that they are all wonderful shades of aqua. I love that they show this wonderful world that God gave to us to explore. I love that they are educational sculptures. I just love all things map/globe!

Are you on this bandwagon with me? What's your flavor of the week?


1 comment:

Christen said...

SOOO on that bandwagon! I want to take an old tray I have and cover it in a map of Richmond.