Sunday, August 28, 2011

Dream House: week four

It was an exciting week for the dream house. First, The basement/garage floor got a layer of gravel and some metal framing.

Then we had and earthquake. Our mailing address is Mineral, so technically the epicenter was in our home town, although we live 20 miles away. The builder was actually on the way to the construction site when the earthquake happened, so we didn't have to wait long to find out that everything made it through without any structural problems. The Roost, on the other hand, has a two new Sheetrock cracks and one less piece of vintage milk glass, not bad at all compared to the pretty awful damage in the actual town of Mineral.

Later in the week, they poured the floor, and we had about four aftershocks.

AndThenWeHadAHurricane. We have a lot of downed limbs, that thankfully did not hit anything other than the ground, but no major damage.

Really, this was not the best week natural disaster-wise. Although the weather slowed down the construction, we now know that we have a very solid foundation. How many homes have survived an earthquake and a hurricane (in the same week!) before they even have walls?

Here's hoping for a very calm, boring week with lots of progress!

Any exciting earthquake and/or hurricane stories?


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Tracy said...

So glad you made it through okay! No crazy stories here (thank goodness) except that on top of the earthquake and hurricane, we have also been experiencing tons of smoke from the month long Dismal Swamp fire. Believe it or not, the hurricane did not totally put it out even after dumping so much water on it!