Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mod shoes

One of my very first pins on Pinterest was to this tutorial for mod podge shoes. I finally found the perfect shoes to cover in fabric, so I had to try it out!

You will need old flats, Outdoor Mod Podge, fabric, scissors, and an xacto knife.

Start by draping fabric over your shoes to determine the amount you will need to cover them. Trim the fabric so you have a little extra all around the edges of the shoe.

Cut a slit from one end of the fabric up to where the toe of the shoe starts.

Cover the shoe with mod podge a few small patches at a time and smooth the fabric down. I founded easy to start with the toe and work my way around to the heel.

When you get to the heel, fold one end of the fabric over and glue on top of the other edge so you have a clean seam down the back of the heel.

Now it's time to fold the extra fabric inside the shoe. Cut a few triangle slits into the fabric so it will fold under easily. Use mod podge to secure.

Let the shoe dry. Once dry apply a thin top coat of mod podge.

When that is dry, use an xacto knife to carefully and firmly trim the remaining excess fabric next to the sole.

Finally, apply a final coat of mod podge over the top of the shoe.

This whole process was much easier than it sounds but I do have a few tips:
- let the glue dry thoroughly between each coat.
- do not attempt this during high humidity. It took my glue forever and a day to dry.
- pay close attention when gluing the fabric next to the sole. Press extra hard here and use your fingernail to score the fabric into seam where the leather meets the rubber sole.

I have no idea how well these will hold up, but I was just going to throw the shoes away and I had the fabric in my stash, so they were practically free.

Cute and free, those are my kind of shoes!



Mod Podge Amy said...

These are super cute! If you spray them with enamel sealer they should be more durable :D

Hattie said...

Great tip! I'd love to make these more durable.