Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A new look for a little nook

Remember this hot mess?

I’m happy to say it has a whole new look that didn’t cost a penny. It just took some creative rearranging, a little purging of unneeded items (why was I keeping a lip pencil bought out of guilt at a makeup party freshmen year of college? I have no idea), and putting some pretty birthday gifts to use.

Although this nook is super tiny, about four foot by four foot with a seven foot ceiling, it needed to multitask big time. The dresser had to stay, because there is simply no other place in our bedroom to put it. My other requirements were a place to store hair care items, makeup, skin care products, medicine, jewelry, accessories, and my most worn shoes. On top of that, it needed to provide a place to hang up an outfit or two because I’m one of those annoying people who must lay out her outfit the night before – not out of any neat-freakness, but out of the joy of sleeping in ten extra minutes.

My first step was to move the ugly plastic bin beside the dresser. I got rid of a lot of the junk stored in there, and managed to squeeze it into our tiny closet. With the bin gone, I was able to center the dresser in the nook. It instantly felt less cluttered!

Next, I took everything off the top of the dresser and pretty ruthlessly said goodbye to many outdated beauty products and accessories. I decided if it didn’t fit in my train case or basket it had to go.

I also decided to continue to use my pretty blue pail as an easy way to corral all my brushes and styling tools.

My birthday ceramic egg crate holds pins and earrings.

Necklaces and bracelets went into my newly created jewelry organizer.

My parents gave me this vintage plant hanger for my birthday and it’s perfect for holding a few hangers worth of clothing.

A hobnail vase that reminds me of coral is just the right size to hold bobby pins.

After I moved the dresser, I decided I liked the off-centered look of the mirror, so I quickly threw together a tiny nautical shadowbox to add balance. Tutorial coming soon!

I love that this little space is so hardworking, but I still have one little conundrum – how to light it.

I’ve been using this clip on light (it's hiding right behind the blue pail) for years because it fits easily into the small space. But – I’m not crazy about the way it looks.

I could switch it out for this globe lamp from IKEA,

However, it doesn’t put out much light at all and I feel like it crowds the dresser.

Do you have a preference or any suggestion for ways to light cramped spaces?



Tracy said...

This looks fantastic- so much neater and you can see all your pretty little organizing crates and containers! I agree that the globe lamp feels a little crowded but I'm not quite sure what to suggest for extra lighting that doesn't take up too much room. You can't really see the lamp behind the pail... I might stick with that option. ?? (Loving your egg crate btw.)

Sheila said...

Lots of great ideas - thanks for sharing them. My brain is churning away. :)

Val said...

What about a swag hanging lamp? I have gotten some cute and inexpensive ones at goodwill & on craigslist. Good luck!

Michela said...

Nice work! I too was going to suggest a swag/hanging lamp! Then you could use some of the ceiling space and not clutter up your dresser anymore!

Robin said...

Great job. You've really made the space work for you.

Emalee Owens said...

You might try putting a narrow floor lamp behind the dresser. We have one that has a very small column with a round base that came from WalMart (and coincidentally, we're selling at a yard sale this weekend in Farmville). It looks somewhat like this one:

A Cottage Muse said...

Very neat ~ great job! I love the hobnail mirror and the little Ikea light!

Michelle said...

I vote for hanging lighting. Possibly something in the pendant family?

Teena said...

well done on a cute makeover! Happy Transformation Thursday <3

Trisha said...

Love your little nook! I thought of hanging lighting, too. But I was thinking of something more like a small chandelier or pendant light. I think I have seen them at home improvement stores at good prices. The thrift stores are also possible options.