Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Daisy, Daisy

It always amazes me how much a $3.99 bunch of Trader Joe’s flowers can perk up the house. Add in a few thrifted baubles and you have a fresh vignette in seconds!

In the kitchen, I started with the vintage linen tea towel my parents gave me for my birthday.

I added an ironstone tray from Goodwill, a lone sliver salt shaker from a yard sale, a dollar tree candle and holder.

And popped the flowers in an old soap dispenser. Easy peasy!

In the living room, I played around with the placement of a bunch of daisies in an old canning jar.

I like them in the window on the old typewriter table.

I think they kind of perk up the frames.

But they also look pretty snazzy on the coffee table grouped with the other canning jars.

I love the way the light hits them!

Still, I think I like them best cozying up to my big ‘ol antique jug.

Flowers are my favorite little indulgence. What’s your favorite way to spend less than five bucks? Is it a fancy coffee drink? Fresh fruit? A new bottle of nail polish? Do tell!


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