Monday, May 31, 2010

Projects and Wildlife

I have it admit that it feels very strange to be sitting here on a Monday night and not writing a DIY Day post. Instead, I thought I’d show you some ideas I have for summer projects around the roost.

Project 1 – bookshelf change-a-roo

My plan here is to move the shelves around so that the bottom three are even on both sides. Then, I’m going to try to sew a curtain out of a drop cloth or other canvas fabric and attach it with nail head trim to cover those bottom shelves. Then I’ll be able to stash our board games and paperback books out of sight. I’m going to take the dust jackets off of all the hardbacks and arrange them with a few accessories on the rest of the shelves. I’d also like to add crown molding to the top of the shelves for a more finished look.

These two bookcases are going to get a white paint job and some rearranging.

Project 2 - more art

I also want to update the stairwell leading to the living room. I think I’ve moved away from the fluffy and feminine cottage look to a more vintage/beach/modern cottage look I’d like to do a gallery wall here with vintage maps, black and white photos, and maybe some fun details like an industrial monogram.

Project 3 - Bedroom Update

This little nook in our bedroom needs some refreshing. It’s gotten cluttered and the clear plastic set of drawers has got to go! I actually worked on this area today, so you’ll get to see the finished look later this week.

Finally, I’d like you to meet our new neighbors.

A family of groundhogs moved in under the roost, and the four little ones scoped out our deck this afternoon.

Have you ever had any wildlife take up residence around your home?



Selina said...

we can't wait to see what you do! seriously so excited... love the new neighbors... we have bunnies under our back deck but they are NOT that brave...

~selina (sis#1)

Our Big Adventure said...

we have two families of chippmunks! they are pretty bold too, they run right through the garden fence chattering at us all the way!