Monday, May 10, 2010

The Mad Hatter's tea party

Hello, dear DIY Day friends! I hope you’re up for a little trip to Wonderland. I’m happy to report that the Mad Hatter's tea party I threw for Mother’s Day was a lot of fun.

Look, I spot some guests.

There’s another.

And here they are all lined up. My sweet husband, cute sister, lovely mom, wonderful dad, and dapper brother.

My sister was a huge help getting everything set up. It was an extremely windy day, so hanging the tissue paper pom-poms was a two person job.

They kept tangling around the canopy, but they still looked whimsical and festive.

It was my sister’s idea to tie crepe paper streamers around each corner of the canopy, and they looked great blowing in the wind.

The table was simple.

Two vintage cloths layered over each other,

paper plates and napkins, but real tea cups for some class,

And wild flowers in glass jars all down the center of the table.

I borrowed the canopy and folding table from my parents, but brought out real chairs for us to sit in.

The flamingos were a total surprise – my parent’s picked them up that morning at a yard sale.

We feasted on cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches, chicken salad sandwiches, ham biscuits, and ham and cheese puffs.

Since it was a hot day, we drank our tea iced. I made several different kinds and added tags with “drink me” on one side and the flavor on the other.

Of course, we also had some sweets. Along with strawberries and cookies, I made lemon filled cupcakes with “eat me” tags.

We ended our tea party with a very competitive game of croquet.

My 87-year-old Grandma turned out to be a very feisty player! She beat me and my sister!

All in all, we had a wonderful day celebrating moms!

My mom with her girls.

Three generations holding on to their hats!

A belated Happy Mother’s Day to every mom out there!

I hope you enjoyed a little glimpse into our tea party! Later this week I’ll round up all the tutorials, recipes, and print outs related to the party and put them in one big easy to reference post.



Megan said...

This is seriously fantastic.

(And I'm going to sound like a fat kid used Hawaiian Rolls for some of the sandwiches, didn't you? We love Hawaiian Rolls in this house!)

Megan said...

HOW FABULOUS! I love it!

Michela said...

Very cute, Hattie! It looks like it was a really fun party!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

What a beautiful party! :) I love the cupcakes and the grandma playing croquet. :) I'm visiting from Kimba's party. :)

Debbie said...

This looks awesome! I can tell the fun was in the air, great food and awesome guests...loved the flamingos on the table.

Rene @ cottage and vine said...

What a fun day! I love the table setting!

Laura said...

This turned out so fun! I love the red dishes.
Laura @ along for the ride

Tim and Tracy said...

The table looks fantastic and I love how you labeled your food and beverages but my favorite pics are the ones of you and the sis, mom and grandma holding on to your hats (and also the one with your hats firmly in place)! Priceless! I would frame that for sure. :) And your wonderland outfit looks great as well.

Christen said...

ADORABLE! I mean, come on, the bottles with "drink me" labels?? How clever is that?! Well done!

Christen said...

Oh, and lemon cupcakes sound great! Any way you could share the recipe?

Tami said...

Visiting from DIY Day....what an adorable tea party!! Love it!!