Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Join the party

Are you ready for part one of my Alice in Wonderland party ideas? It started with me feeling indecisive about what to do for Mother’s Day. Last year I hosted a tea party and it was very girly and fun, but I wanted to do something a bit different this year. A few weeks ago my whole family went to see the new Alice in Wonderland movie at our local drive-in, and we all really liked it. So, I got the idea to throw a Mad Hatter’s picnic tea party with a little croquet thrown in for extra fun.

Here are the invites:

I decided to make them look like over-sized tea bags. I found the Alice illustrations through some Google searching and the teapot image came from the Graphics Fairy.

I just used a glue stick and some crochet thread to hold everything together. I put the invitations in square envelopes and left the teapot tag hanging out.

Feel free to use or modify this invite all you want!

Stay tuned for a few of my other decorating ideas coming soon!

Also, I have to say I am overwhelmed by all the amazingly sweet comments and new followers I’ve gotten over the last few days. I was in a discouraged blogging rut, and you all have really made me feel like this is worth doing. So thank you for reading and commenting!



Cara said...

LOVE it, Hattie! I can't wait to see what other things you came up with!!!


Christen said...

I LOVE this idea!! (Especially making the invite look like a tea bag!)

I know what you mean about a blogging rut. I kinda feel like that about mine lately... You always come up with such great posts though, so kudos!!

Val said...

These are so cute! We did an Alice in wonderland party for my niece's 3rd birthday last October and it was a lot of fun to decorate for. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

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