Monday, June 21, 2010

Strut your stuff party

Have you ever thrown a party and waited and waited but no one showed? Let’s hope my latest brainstorm doesn’t turn out that way!

Here’s what I’m thinking – I’ve been posting a lot of “how-to’s” lately, and many of you have left comments or emailed me about how you plan to make your own versions.

Well, I wanna see what you’ve got! It’s time for you to strut your stuff, and show off your own (most likely improved!) versions of my silly creations.

Maybe you’ve made a pillow cover,

or your own faux metal letter.

I know a lot of you planned to make the Alice dress!

and this super easy shirred top,

Or something else from one of my other tutorials.

If you’ve made it - I’d love to see it!

So, how about next Wednesday night, June 30th, we all meet back here at the roost for a little strut your stuff party? I’ll put up a linky if you want to blog about your project, or you can just email me photos of your finished masterpiece if blogging isn’t your thing!

What’d ya say? Are you in?

(I hope so!)


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Tracy's mom said...

Happy Anniversary Hattie & Brad! Your vows are beautiful and I pray that God blesses your marriage for many more years to come.