Sunday, June 6, 2010

A lil' about me and a lil' about you!

Last week Sophia from the Jagged Ideal was sweet enough to pass this blogging award on to me!

The rules are:

1. Thank the blogger who gave the award to you.

Thanks Sophia! Be sure to check out her super cute blog – she has a great sweater refashion and a fun spray painted vase project that I love!

2. Share seven things about yourself

- I never thought I would love refashioning clothes as much as I do. I’m always looking at old clothes and dreaming up new looks – A shirt refashion is coming this week!

- Trader Joe’s fresh mild salsa is one of my favorite things on this planet

- I hate roller coasters. As in HATE them. As in I would give up state secrets (if I knew any) rather than be hurled down a hill a lightening speeds.

- I love the scrambler. As in LOVE it! The best rides are at dinky county fairs when they run them at speeds that are probably not legal.

- The farmer who rents our fields cut his hay this weekend. It’s making me sneeze like crazy, but I still love how beautiful all the round bales look scattered across the cut fields.

- I drool over pretty paper – notepads, stationary, scrapbook paper, I love it all.

- If I had to choose between chocolate and tea and I would choose tea.

3. Pass the award along

 I have so many new readers, and readers I’ve never met. I would LOVE to know seven things about each of you. Silly, serious, or random – comment away! I'd really like to know you better!



Courtney said...

-I have two kids, 13 months apart. Our daughter was a surprise!

-I love the smell of skunk.

-I am envious of all you crafty gals, which is why I drool over your blogs!

-My two favorite things to eat are cucumber salad and avocado drizzled with lemon juice and black pepper.

-My dream home would be on 5 acres with a little room to plant a gigantic garden.

-I hate living in Arizona. Pretty much any other place in the US would be better...

-My extended family worries that I am too liberal because I don't always agree with them. I think it's funny.

Sophia said...

Hattie you are the BEST! I Love your blog and your cute style! Thanks for the shout out:)