Tuesday, June 8, 2010

This and That

Here’s what’s fresh around the roost this week.

My co-worker gave me some lovely flowers to scatter around the house.

Roses and carnations landed on my dresser. They make me smile while I’m dashing through my morning routine.

Somehow it’s nicer to spackle on the concealer with pretty flowers keeping you company!

I brought out the rest of my milk glass vases for the living room.

I love that this type of flower lasts forever.

They’re perky, classy, and don’t steal all the attention from the frames.

Maybe when I think I’m longing for a pet, I’m actually longing for a house with more flowers?

While I was fluffing things, I played around with some new looks for my wingback chair.

This is how it looked before.

This is the slouchy look that reminds me of rumbled linen pants. It’s very comfy and summery.

This is a more shipshape nautical look. I think it may be more formal than what I want for summer.

Finally, the naked look. Part of me just says, “Less is more” and likes the pared down simplicity. Another part of me knows I reach for blankets even when it’s 90 outside, so I’m torn.

What look do you like? Or, would you go for something completely different?



The Answer Is Chocolate said...

Hey thanks for stopping by my place and leaving such a nice comment. Nice to know we "stashers" are not alone lol. I love the milk glass you have your flowers in. That's another thing I have started picking up everywhere. Oh and I like the slouchy look on your chair!

The Sisters 4 say MORE is more said...

If i had it my way i would have fresh flowers in my house everyday!!