Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I wanted to share some special, new-to-me décor items I added to the living room over the weekend. These pieces came from my Granddad’s estate and have the special meaning that only family treasures can.

I have often gazed longingly at vintage ball jars in overpriced antique stores. I love how the light shines through the rippled aqua glass. I’m so glad my Granddad kept these around – although I’m sure he’d think it’s a little strange I’m using them for coffee table décor rather than canning!

Can’t you just imaging how beautiful they are going to look with some fresh tulips in them this spring?

I made this plaid pillow cover from one of my Granddad’s shirts, using this tutorial.

The blue and red colors are perfect in the living room.

This is my favorite part:

My Granddad’s original painting. He was a very talented artist and left behind quite a few sketches and paintings.

The style and colors of this one have always made it my favorite. It’s a pretty big step up from my vintage paint-by-numbers! Ummmm…could I please paint this well?

I love that these items have a family history and will be treasured for generations to come.

What are your favorite family heirlooms?



Tracy's mom said...

Hattie, I think using things that are handed down from our loved ones is a wonderful feeling. I love using glasses, silverware, and bowls that used to be my mom's and my mother-in-law's. It reminds me of them every day and even of the good times we had while using them at their homes. I love how you repurposed your granddad's shirt for a pillow and I'll just bet he would be more surprised by that than the way you decorate with the canning jars. :)

Cara said...

Hattie, those are such things that you have from your Grandad! I loooove the shirt pillow, what a fantastic idea. I have 5 big boxes of things from both sides of Grandparents just waiting to be used:) I need to learn how to sew!

Tomesia said...

I have two beautiful paintings of my grandmother's that are swaped out during the changing of the seasons that hang above my fireplace. I've also got her old dished and jelly jar glasses that remind me of vacations to her mountain home in Tennessee. I love the old frame which holds your grandfather's wonderful painting. I've been looking for some of those to frame my bird prints.